CAF reveals Richard Kingson three different age records

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Undoubtedly Black Starsa�� Goalkeeper Trainer, Richard a�?Olelea�� Kingsona��s real age has generated controversies since he started playing for the National Team and his club.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF), administrative and controlling body for African association football claimed their record books show that Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson is 48 years.

According to CAF, there are other dates that show he was born in 1975 and 1979.

Below is the Profile of Richard Kingson

Richard Paul Franck Kingson (born 13 June 1978) is a professional football goalkeeper who plays for the Ghana Premier League club Great Olympics.

He is also known by his Turkish name Faruk GA?rsoy and sometimes by the surname Kingson, which is the surname he used in his UEFA registration and also the surname of his brother Laryea Kingston. The different spelling of the surnames is due to a�?irregularity on his identity documentsa�?. Even in his native Ghana, he was quoted as a�?the man who got the a�?ta�� off his surnamea�?.

After leaving home country, he played for several clubs in Turkey, for Hammarby in Sweden, and in England for Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic and Blackpool, who released him at the end of the 2010a��11 season.

Kingson was the vice-captain for the Ghana national football team. He holds both a Ghanaian passport and a Turkish passport.

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